Dear Entrepreneurs in Willcox

As you may well know, the poverty rate in Willcox is higher than 20%, which means many people in our beloved town live with less than adequate means. The Spring has always been about serving youth who need a place. As we strive to #savethespring, we want to help a few small-businesses get started. We want to help boost the economic fortunes of the families in our town.

Our first step will be to offer business space rent-free for an indefinite period of time to larger investors. Essentially, this means that you can reserve a space for your business, and the price that would normally only allow you to rent a space for 20 months secures your small business space forever–effectively eliminating that overhead cost and helping you to thrive in a down economy. Your space comes with a webpage at and business signage/including free logo design for the front of the building.

By taking this step, we hope to build a healthy, symbiotic relationship with small businesses in Willcox and help a few entrepreneurs get started for much less of an investment than would normally be required.

If you are interested, please fill out the following form, and note that investments must be paid prior to April 30, 2021 and will be given on a first-come basis:

We pray that you help us #savethespring and serve Willcox and the surrounding areas to the greatest extent possible. Here’s to a bright future ☕️.

If you would like to simply donate to #savethespring, please do so here.

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