Supporting Local Businesses and Artisans

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Running a non-profit is risky in today’s world. We offer most of our services and time free to our community. Free is expensive. One of the ways we encourage our community to invest in our ministry is by supporting local businesses in our area from wineries to thrift stores to the great local restaurants in and around Willcox. There are also quite a few talented artisans who need space. The relationship we hope to have with local businesses and artisans is mutually beneficial and allows us to serve the local businesses in our community.

We want to encourage local shopping and promote local business owners and the local economy. It won’t be long before we have a brochure to share exactly what we have available, but I am too excited about our ministry to wait. The Spring is a non-profit ministry that will primarily host events. Most of these events will be free if we are fully funded. Events mean people. People mean opportunity. We want to support our local businesses by offering space. When you support The Spring (yes, it’s mostly tax-deductible), we recommend your business. Call it advertisement if you want, but these are donations we’re talking about–and every penny is used for our non-profit purposes (education, youth and family outreach, and resourcing).

We offer several business solutions:

  1. Consignment/rental space
    • Our consignment spaces are low cost with low commissions. We consider consignment part of our ministry. If you need to rent a space for your business needs, we can customize a solution for you from about 2,000 square feet of rentable space, of which there are 264 square feet with a window view to Haskell Ave and direct entry. Plus, those who rent have access to the common areas of The Spring. Contact us and come in on almost any Friday so we can design a solution for you. Ask for Andrew if you want a custom rent space designed to fit your needs.
  2. Website/logo/promotional material design
    • No matter what you are looking for, we would love to serve you. We can design a website, offer custom email addresses with your business name, create simple logos, promotional materials, branding, and some signage that fits your needs. Contact us and ask for Andrew for your consultation.
  3. Business recommendations
    • When your local business schedules a monthly donation to The Spring, we will display a 1024×768 infographic at our information station recommending your local business at your request. Our outreach becomes your outreach–and it’s only for local contributors.
  4. Becoming a business sponsor
    • Beyond donations, your business has the option of sponsoring a “chill zone” in The Spring. These “chill zones” are part of our ministry and available for youth and families during regular business hours with no cover charge–providing a safe place and family-friendly atmosphere for everyone. When you sponsor a “chill zone” you provide ministry space, and the information for your business is displayed at the “chill zone.” That’s non-obtrusive advertising and brand recognition for your local business and lasting ministry to the service of youth and families in and around Willcox.

We believe in providing services and serving local businesses and artisans. Contact us or stop in during our regular business hours to ask about what we can do for you. We look forward to having you as part of The Spring family.

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