Dear Parents

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The Spring has been a treasured place for youth ministry for the last 13 years. Finally, it is reopen. I have poured my time, sweat, and money into The Spring because I believe in investing in our youth. I believe so much in such an investment that I, along with the other Spring team members, have personally poured in thousands of our own dollars in order to invest in your children through The Spring. Many of you are excited to see The Spring operational again. Here are a couple of highlights:

  1. Our student lounge is currently open from 2-8pm Tuesday-Saturday (we will close early this Saturday to support one of our team members as he preaches).
  2. There are games and activities available for your children at no cost, and we are adding to their options daily.
  3. The Spring is a safe place for them to hang.
  4. We have zero tolerance for bullying.
  5. We are closed on Sundays because we want to encourage families to be in church together.

I want you to know that The Spring is now more than a youth ministry. The Spring is more than a cool hang-out with cool music and opportunities for youth to have fun. We are invested unconditionally in the future of youth here in the valley by building a sustainable ministry that will serve Cochise County for generations. We are even creating a scholarship with our children’s entire lives in view, from chillin’ at The Spring to applying for college to, perhaps, starting their own businesses. This fund is called the Team Willcox Scholarship Fund.

The scholarships depend entirely on donations made to the fund. Through youth ministry, we hope to equip our youth to build a greater Willcox and a better world. I want to invite you to check out this website. Visit and learn what we are all about. Here are some things you can already begin doing:

  1. Pray for The Spring’s new ministry to the youth of Sulphur Springs Valley.
  2. Pray for each one who will come through our doors, receive a scholarship, or apply for a grant later in life.
  3. Encourage your children to come chill at The Spring anytime during our regular hours. Hang with them if you are able.
  4. Consider donating and/or sharing this open letter.

We do provide snacks and drinks at our storefront. We offer parents the opportunity to give their children store credit to spend on snacks. If you know your children are hanging out, store credit is an easy way to ensure they are where you think because they can’t go spend money anywhere else. It is also a good way to keep from having your children carry your cash or card.

For those who are unable to load store credit for their children, we have provided a way for anonymous donors to load store credit:

So, come on in and chill. Charge your soul. Change the world. Check out all of our other opportunities. There are two events you should be aware of. We invite you to come to both in order to get a good sense of our renewed vision and mission.

  1. Minute to Win It Game Night.
  2. June 2021 Benefit Concert

Be sure to like and follow The Spring on Facebook, subscribe to this blog, and sign up for our digital newsletter to see the latest updates as they are released. We have been praying for you and your families. We a happy to be serving you and your children in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord and investing in their future.

See you soon.


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