Starting Your Business and Investing in Teenagers

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Most of our ministry is to youth and families in The Valley, and our youth lounge and shop is open Tuesday-Saturday 2pm-8pm. We have consignment spaces available and want to help new businesses get started by offering our space rent-free. You read that right, rent-free. Why? Part of our mission is to help people in Willcox do well. Further, we want to provide entrepreneurial youth an opportunity to run their businesses at The Spring, teaching them business principles to help prepare them for life after high school.

The new rent-free business opportunity at The Spring

One of the greatest hindrances to the startup of new businesses is the cost–licensing, incorporating, taxes, rent, utilities, website, merchandise, promotions, insurance, and so on. We want to help alleviate some of that and get you on your way to starting your business; we believe our community will profit more and more. Simply fill out the form below and we will get started with your email consultation.

How it works

There are two options. 1) You can do business as part of The Spring, eliminating the up-front cost of licensing, incorporating, and insurance. We’ve got your back. 2) You can get your licensing, incorporate, pay your own taxes and insurance and operate as your own entity within The Spring. If you only have a dream, we recommend starting at number 1, and we will help you with the rest at the appropriate time. If you know what you are doing and just need space, we like starting at number 2. Either avenue you take, our ultimate goal is to get you sustainable and into your own place at the appropriate time. This is part of our non-profit ministry in Willcox and is available to anyone close enough to The Spring.

Doing Business as Part of The Spring

If you are just getting started and need all the help you can get, you can do business as part of The Spring. Since The Spring is a tax-exempt non-profit, you don’t even have to worry about taxes. What’s the catch? All revenue must be reinvested into the non-profit. This is one reason we want to help you register your business and move to number 2 (above) as quickly as we reasonably can–more profits in your pocket. You might ask, “How can I be paid if all revenue must be reinvested?” At this stage, The Spring would pay you a commission as an honorarium, to be decided during consultation, from your sales and investing the rest to replenish your inventory if applicable and help your business to thrive. We’ll include you every step of the way so you can see exactly how your earnings are being reinvested into you. Along the way, we will help you incorporate and get anything else done you need to get done before running your own business and paying your own taxes. You may prefer this option because you can do what you love, earn a commission that is like the profit you’d earn if you incorporated, and only pay personal income tax.

This option is available for most business types, excluding food-service because our current credentials and insurance does not allow for food to be prepared and served while we are open.

This option is available for youth who want to start a business but are not yet able to register their business.

For anyone who takes advantage of this option, we may offer grants to help with the cost of moving you to number two and eventually into your own building. Again, our dream is to see Willcox thrive.

Doing Business Under Your Own Registered Name

If you already have your business name and necessary paperwork completed, we simply want to offer our space until you can find your own place and afford it. You replenish your inventory, if applicable. You pay your own taxes. You use your own POS system. You provide your own insurance. We provide you space rent-free. You might ask, “How can you afford to do that?” Instead of charging you rent, we ask you do donate a percentage of your profits, to be decided during consultation. If you have your own registered business name and necessary registration but don’t want the trouble of managing your own finances, we can create a hybrid of numbers 1 and 2.

Some forms of foodservice can take advantage of #2 or the hybrid option.

Those same grants we mentioned earlier may be available to help you move into your own place when your business is ready.

Other services to help you succeed

Free of charge, your business will be included in some of our ad campaigns and receive a unique page on our website.

When you are ready, we can talk about your own website, branding, and unique ad campaigns–which are some of the services we offer.

Consignment space is available from $6/mo. if you would simply like to display your merchandise and have us sell it for you.

If you plug-in to The Spring, we will be offering college scholarships to those who show that they are interested in building sustainable lives–which benefit the whole community.

We look forward to serving you

All donations, including what receive from our consignment vendors and business partners, go to help sustain The Spring and our youth and family outreach efforts. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


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