Cannon Craft Cuts

Whether you simply want a decoration for your home or need a sign to help identify your property, ranch, farm, or an area thereof, we’ve got you covered. Simply select the pre-quoted option to add your own lettering/images, or fill out the form below and we’ll send your custom quote.

Don’t leave anything out. We can work with mixed medium, add lights, place your custom metal cut on a wood background, make functional pieces like coat or key hangars, 3d centerpieces for tables, paint to your specifications, etc… If you want it, describe it. If we can’t do it, we will let you know.

You will receive a quote within the next 24 hours. Thank you for supporting The Spring.

Possible discounts:
10% on a single order for each referral, respectively (one per order).
10-20% for becomming a ministry partner (lifetime).
35% wholesale (for resellers only).
30% bulk orders (best for farm, ranch, office, or other signage requiring 7 or more signs).

If you have a shop and you would like to offer custom metal cuts and engraving from us, please contact us.

*We may or may not be able to price-match based on material used and custom design time for your one-of-a-kind piece. If we are using 12 GA aluminum and someone else is using a lighter, thinner aluminum or steel, their prices may be lower but their product less sturdy.