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Your contribution is appreciated.

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Everything we do is non-profit. When you purchase from our store, all funds are reinvested into the non-profit for non-profit purposes. Here are some of the local services we offer apart from the events on our events calendar. Contact us with any questions, or visit us during our regular hours.

Local business is the lifeblood of the community. If you import goods, you export money. If you export goods, you import money. Let’s help the Willcox economy thrive and lessen the poverty rate of our city. Shop local.

Private Parties/Meetings

We do not charge for private parties to rent space for private gatherings. We simply ask for a generous donation. Contact us with your desired date, time, and approximate number of people, and we will contact you.

Low-Cost Consignment Space

Contact us or come into The Spring to share your consignment needs.

Host a pop-up sale at The Spring

We offer temporary pop-up shop options. Contact us to share your needs.


We offer limited printing/copying services at the cost of materials in our library.


We offer several local advertising options in order to support local businesses. We are a proud supporter of the shop local initiative.

Whether you help sponsor The Spring, rent consignment space to run an advertisement, desire to place a flyer pamphlet or business card, or advertise in our community newsletter, we have options for you. Contact us about your local advertiseing needs.

Website and Logo Design

We would be happy to design a website and/or logo for you. Contact now to request a consultation. We can also provide custom domain email addresses for your team. Contact now to request a consultation. We will even maintain your website for you so you don’t have to worry.

Event Speakers

We can add you to our list of approved speakers to hire for our seminars and conferences. We are especially interested in having those who have started their own sustainable businesses as we pour into the students who may receive our scholarships or grants.

Outreach Material

We want to help you develop custom outreach material for your church. Contact us for a consultation.

Ad Campaigns

We will design and run ads to direct traffic to your website. contact us for a consultation.

Publishing and printing

From your books and calendars to your outreach material, we’ve got you covered.

Feature your business for our audience

Be a guest in our podcast if there is an issue that you are passionate about. If you are doing something unique to participate in the advance of God’s kingdom, we’d like to use your story to inspire others. Contact for details.

Don’t see what you need?

Simply ask.

We serve an interruptible, compassionate king. May we strive to be like our king instead of like the world—so consumed with our schedules, agendas, tasks, and timelines. To be like Jesus, we live inconvenient, compassionate lives. Our time, money, work, and attention is not our own; may we never use them as excuses not to be about the Father’s business in all things.

A P Cannon; President of Christoa Ministries, INC