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Your contribution is appreciated.

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Everything we do is non-profit. When you purchase from our store, all funds are reinvested into the non-profit for non-profit purposes. Here are some of the local services we offer apart from the events on our events calendar. Contact us with any questions, or visit us during our regular hours.


Whether your are in a homeschool, private school, or state school, we offer printing and copying free if it is for the purpose of school work.

Homeschool Cooperative

We are building a partnership of homeschooling families beyond mere association. Contact us if interested. We will also provide homeschooling resources and initiatives.

A Safe Study and Fellowship Space for Teens and Young Adults

We are intentionally open after school lets out and create a relaxing environment for students who desire to study and do homework or simply relax.

All night study jams for college students

Simply contact and request an all-night study jam. We’ll provide the coffee and lay down some easy LoFi study tracks.

Free WiFi

Our guest WiFi network is always free to use.

Development of ideas

If you are a student and entrepreneur, we want to help you develop your ideas whether you wish to implement those ideas immediately or are preparing for life after graduation.

Scholarships and grants

Remember to stay involved at The Spring. You will receive first news about upcoming scholarships and grants from CM.

Feature your church, ministry, or business for our audience

Be a guest in our podcast if there is an issue that you are passionate about. If you are doing something unique to participate in the advance of God’s kingdom, we’d like to use your story to inspire others. Contact for details.

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We serve an interruptible, compassionate king. May we strive to be like our king instead of like the world—so consumed with our schedules, agendas, tasks, and timelines. To be like Jesus, we live inconvenient, compassionate lives. Our time, money, work, and attention is not our own; may we never use them as excuses not to be about the Father’s business in all things.

A P Cannon; President of Christoa Ministries, INC