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Dear Businesses in Sulphur Springs Valley

The Spring exists to minister to youth and families. Our vision is grander than merely offering a space for youth to hang out. We want to help prepare them for life, a successful life. For many of our… Read More

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The New Consignment at The Spring

We have some exciting news for anyone who sells in Willcox. Consignment is now free!!! If you have crafts, want to start a business selling your merchandise, or want to turn a hobby into small source of income,… Read More

Month One= Success #teamwillcox

Well, we have almost survived our first month open! We’ve had a couple people join #teamwillcox by renting consignment space and a couple amazing donors. Shoutout to: Jules,Kati,Jennifer, andAmanda for their monthly support. Thanks to: Darby,Mindy,Dirk and Belle,Terry,… Read More

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When You Support The Spring, You Invest in the Next Gen.

I want to tell you how The Spring has expanded its ministry to youth and families. In 2021, we have a greater need than ever to raise funds. God has moving us along more quickly chan we can… Read More

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Dear Parents

The Spring has been a treasured place for youth ministry for the last 13 years. Finally, it is reopen. I have poured my time, sweat, and money into The Spring because I believe in investing in our youth…. Read More

Moving Forward!

The contract has been signed, and we are moving forward with our plans to #savethespring! We want to take a moment to thank our most recent anonymous donor, who contributed $1,000 to this project. As a reminder, we… Read More

Dear Entrepreneurs in Willcox

As you may well know, the poverty rate in Willcox is higher than 20%, which means many people in our beloved town live with less than adequate means. The Spring has always been about serving youth who need… Read More


Hey everyone. A few weeks ago, I got connected with a man who knew about a recently closed ministry here in Willcox. After hearing about the ministry and all the good it did for youth and families in… Read More